BREAKING BAD is getting its own beer.

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beers 1 º places 2 º 20:20 Wed 6/26/2013

Iíve never heard of Marble Brewery and donít know anything else about them, but the fact that theyíre releasing a BREAKING BAD themed beer is enough to make me wanna try it. So, any folks in New Mexico that might be able to get their hands on this?

beers 2084 º places 39 º 21:23 Wed 6/26/2013

Marble is solid...should be decent at least. We get their normal line in Denver but donít know about this.

beers 2208 º places 45 º 21:26 Wed 6/26/2013

Hoping we get it in Arizona. Will it have, uhhh, additives?

beers 1203 º places 111 º 21:35 Wed 6/26/2013

Iím in the empire business.

places 13 º 23:29 Wed 6/26/2013

Yeah, I remember a couple of scenes on the show where they show cans of Marble IPA laying around. Canít wait to get this

beers 8025 º places 322 º 23:35 Wed 6/26/2013

So thereís that.

beers 6313 º places 46 º 01:08 Thu 6/27/2013

Waltís Triple Blue IPA?

beers 999 º places 47 º 04:30 Thu 6/27/2013

Uses only crystal malt. Yolo

beers 4007 º places 258 º 10:43 Thu 6/27/2013

so this will be a thing now?

beers 4058 º places 154 º 10:47 Thu 6/27/2013

They already have one: Romulan ale

beers 470 º places 10 º 11:02 Thu 6/27/2013

Well I just - donít - know. I think that show is great but where will it end? WHERE? Will we have dogfish head making authentic ales out of dinosaur bones that taste like fruity pebbles for the flintstone cartoons? Will we have soap opera beers like revaís back from the dead again ale? How about quit while Iím ahead DIPA?