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beers 12662 º places 323 º 02:52 Fri 2/26/2016

Not sure if it has been posted before, don’t frequent this part that often, but BrewDog has released a catalogue of some/most of their beers.

215 recipes. Who will be the first to make a Sink the Bismarck clone?

beers 3622 º places 122 º 03:14 Fri 2/26/2016

Heard about this yesterday - I think they say it’s all of their beers... Crazy stuff. A good way to verify the RB DB when it comes to BrewDog listings? :-)

06:06 Fri 2/26/2016

That’s awesome thx for that!!0

beers 5959 º places 278 º 08:33 Fri 2/26/2016

I was a little disappointed that End of History was a single grain-bill of Pale Malt.

i was impressed that they found a -70C Freezer to distill it. I found a few of my highest rated Brew Dog Beers here so it would be fun to brew them. The Citra Pilsener sounds nice. Haven’t looked for Cocoa Psycho yet but if it’s in there, I’ll give it a try.

beers 9757 º places 400 º 08:39 Fri 2/26/2016

I generally dislike BrewDog gimmicks, but this looks really awesome.

beers 1111 º places 27 º 17:32 Fri 2/26/2016

Originally posted by AdamChandler
I was a little disappointed that End of History was a single grain-bill of Pale Malt

Why on earth would that be disappointing?

beers 11779 º places 598 º 06:23 Sat 2/27/2016

Oh look, EoH contains juniper. That would make it a Sahti to some brewers. :

07:49 Sun 5/1/2016

I’ve made AB:04 (I may have over chillied it) and Hardkogt IPA (I subbed the columbus for some Citra and a little Nelson). I was very pleased with how they both turned out.

beers 1377 º places 89 º 08:01 Sun 5/1/2016

I’ve got White Noise and Hello My Name is Sonja maturing in bottles at the moment. I’m curious to see how you interpret BrewDog’s somewhat imprecise directions on applying the blueberries for Sonja and the mashing scheduleand wheat part of the grain bill for White Noise?

beers 13205 º places 414 º 08:17 Sun 5/1/2016

jonas and I are planning to do this "Hardcore IPA aged with raspberries in a Caol Ila Barrel" thing.

It will probably ferment like crazy and we’ll find the beer on the ceiling, but it might also give a curious and interesting result.

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