Brewer Wanted- West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault (Florida)

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Brewer needed for West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault --- Brewer with 1-3 years’ experience (minimum) needed for upstart craft brewery in Downtown West Palm Beach; 5 + years creating wide variety of craft beers more ideal. This position will be a leadership, high profile position in a high traffic area of downtown West Palm Beach. Responsibilities include master/chief brewer, training/educating apprentice/assistant brewers, recipe creation/lab work/r&d, general tap room work/supervision, availability to media outlets. Home brewers with 10 years + extensive experience who are looking for a career change are encouraged to apply. Our team is young, vibrant, and excited with this amazing opportunity. We have a 2nd quarter 2017 target date for opening, however the brewer would start 2-3 months prior full time brewing for the opening and potentially part time/contracting to start creating recipes as soon as possible. Join the excitement and be a part of history and the first brewery in Down Town West Palm Beach. Please send salary and other requirements in confidence to Dan Galasso: [email protected]

While Target Timelines may change, we are targeting an early Feb hire, for an early April Opening. We would like the brewer to be on board for delivery of our equipment so that they can learn the ins and outs of the system and then start brewing for opening. We will be taking resumes and setting up interviews for Jan. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

System Info
10BBL DME Steam
80 BBL in UniTanks (4-10 BBL, 2- 20 BBL)
70 BBL Serving Tanks (10 BBL)