Breweries with Awesome Food

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beers 2662 º places 111 º 16:28 Fri 7/15/2016

Hair of the Dog has already been mentioned.

So, for Oregon, the alternate is Double Mountain. Mediocre beer, amazing pizza.

beers 6080 º places 411 º 16:46 Fri 7/15/2016

Originally posted by Sarlacc83
Hair of the Dog has already been mentioned.

So, for Oregon, the alternate is Double Mountain. Mediocre beer, amazing pizza.

That reminds me Motor City Brew works in Detroit also mediocre beer awesome pizza

beers 2900 º places 125 º 19:02 Fri 7/15/2016

Brasserie St James in the City is good too

beers 7 º places 1 º 07:39 Sat 7/16/2016

Tired Hands tried a $25 fried chicken plate, that was hilarious.

beers 14609 º places 583 º 08:15 Sat 7/16/2016

Insurrection in Pittsburgh yesterday was amazing.

beers 18927 º places 500 º 08:31 Sat 7/16/2016

In Reno, the Depot and St James have the best food, though neither is cheap. Silver Peak and Great Basin have good choices, though.
In SD, Stone and Ballast Point have great food.
In SF, Social Kitchen.
In Portland, HOtD and Deschutes stand out, though Green Dragon has good pub fare as well.
Then there’s random places like Tonopah BC in the middle of nowhere that has boring beers, but awesome BBQ.

beers 1660 º places 136 º 11:01 Sat 7/16/2016

The best food I’ve had at a brewery has to be a three way tie. Three Floyds, Surly & Revolution. All three have great food.

beers 619 º places 117 º 13:37 Sat 7/16/2016

Cambridge Brewing Company is always a good meal.

beers 6293 º places 375 º 23:46 Sat 7/16/2016

Jolly Pumpkin at Ann Arbor had a great menu including small bites and flat breads, all made from their own organic produce from their own farm. Absolutely fabulous!

beers 26215 º places 1007 º 00:16 Sun 7/17/2016

Of course lots of places do solid pizza or barbeque, that’s sort of standard. I’d rather go to North Fork in Bear Scat, WA for the pizza than the beer. Marten/Naked Pig in Meth Lab, BC is better for barbeque than beer by a mile.

Farther between are breweries that have more creative menus. Pfriem in Hood RIver, OR is one. BNA Brewing in Kelowna, BC is another. But yeah, nailing something other than pub standards is definitely unusual in the brewpub business.