Breweries with Awesome Food

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De Molen

beers 13129 º places 414 º 04:40 Wed 10/12/2016

Places which come to my mind:

De Molen
Russian River (I had a delightful chorizo-jalapeno-and-wild-garlic pizza there)
and the tofu with braised pear and kimchi at Stone Berlin I’ve had recently was really good as well.

Not sure if Schneider Weisse im Tal (their brewery is not located there nowadays) or the Ayinger places am Platzl and in Aying (they’re restaurants owned by the brewing family) count.

I have yet to eat at Spezial in Bamberg, but I’ve heard their food is amazing as well.

beers 1704 º places 138 º 00:45 Thu 10/13/2016

Dukes Brew and Que in London; The Swan in Stratford St Mary, and Boru noodle joint in Rhode Island (if you love Hitachino Nest)

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beers 1664 º places 356 º 03:34 Thu 10/13/2016

I will second previous mentions for Bluejacket, Mad Fox and Thai Me Up. And like Phaleslu I’m a (former) STL homer but Civil Life’s liverwurst sandwich is beautiful.

And then I will raise you one Cask & Larder (Orlando).

beers 3911 º places 1 º 08:51 Sun 1/8/2017

King Arthur - Ciampino (Italy)

beers 1208 º places 7 º 09:30 Sun 1/8/2017

Wolfs ridge in Columbus is amazing food and beer-wise.

Jolly pumpkin
Insurrection--dudes put out a ridiculous spread at rbwg.

11:01 Sun 1/8/2017

I’m surprised to see so many Russian River mentions. The beer is world class, but the menu left a lot to be desired over my few trips there.

beers 4908 º places 1069 º 11:13 Sun 1/8/2017

2 week old place here in Kansas city, Brewery Emperial, shows a lot of promise. Beers are already above average, but the real draw is the menu.

places 1408 º 11:30 Sun 1/8/2017

I have no favourite brewery, but I like the simple traditional food in Bavaria and in the Czech Republic. You never leave hungry!