Breweries with Awesome Food

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beers 9632 º places 593 º 15:49 Thu 1/12/2017

A couple that came to mind for me that I hadn’t seem mentioned:
Corridor Brewery & Provisions in Chicago
The Answer in Richmond

Also, I haven’t been, but I’m willing to guess that the new brepub at the CIA in Hyde Park, NY (the culinary one, not the one that overthrows governments) will have good food at their pop-up restaurant.

beers 6010 º places 1041 º 05:16 Fri 1/13/2017

Really enjoyed the food at Twains in Decatur.

beers 18951 º places 500 º 11:35 Fri 1/13/2017

Hardly anything to choose from, but The Rare Barrel’s grilled cheese sandwich is good enough to make me not care that I’m lactose intolerant.

beers 18951 º places 500 º 11:37 Fri 1/13/2017

In Bend, Deschutes Honey Sriracha wings and 10 Barrels sriracha lime wings are both fantastic. Both places have other good food as well, but the wings are seriously kick-ass.

beers 1004 º places 41 º 20:34 Sat 1/14/2017

I’ll throw some props to Nexus brewery here in Albuquerque for their soul food. Their fried chicken is as good as any I have had anywhere, and yes, I’ve been through the south.

Turtle Mountain Brewing Co. has some great pizza in Rio Rancho and Second Street in Santa Fe has one of the best burgers I have ever had.

18:30 Mon 1/16/2017

Edmunds Oust (SC)
Cask & Larder/Ravenous Pig (FL)
Pfriem (OR)
Tired Hands (PA)
Dunedin Brewery (FL)
Russian River (CA)
Melvin/Thai Me Up (WY)
Wrecking Bar (GA)
Mcguires Irish Pub (FL)
The Answer/Mekong(VA)
Drie Fonteinen (Belgium)
Forest & Main(PA)

Feel like I am forgetting some. Kept thinking of good restaurants near breweries.

beers 4526 º places 177 º 19:25 Mon 1/16/2017

For the authentic taste of the GDR: have a great Sovyet-inspired solyanka with Wöllnitzer Weissbier at Talschänke, Germany’s last authentic Lichtenhainer.

beers 943 º places 4 º 23:55 Mon 1/16/2017

Originally posted by djd07
Karbach in Houston
Freetail In San Antonio
Pinthouse Pizza in Austin

last few times i went to freetail everything i had there including the food was abysmal. scott has lost any future business from me after those experiences.

x2 on karbach and pinthouse

I’ll also give kudos to Saint Arnold which has a solid kitchen and Moon Tower Inn which makes some of the best burgers in Houston.

Brewer’s Table in Austin is a new hopeful for awesome beer and food.

beers 3584 º places 122 º 05:28 Tue 1/17/2017

Not sure if it’s been mentioned already, but I really enjoyed the beer and the food in Ayingers Speis und Trank in Munich.

beers 6839 º places 198 º 19:26 Tue 1/17/2017

Flora Farms in Cabo, they grow everything on site and lived in a yurt for 10 years . That’s commitment.