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12:24 Fri 4/3/2015

Originally posted by Bacterial
I don’t stick stickers to my kegerator but I use little magnets to hold them on. This is because I don’t think my kegerator will last too long and I don’t want to lose all my cool stickers (and coasters).

I have all of my favorite stickers saved in a folder for the same exact reason...scared to put them on anything because i don’t want to lose them...does this qualify as a problem that I should seek professional help for?

12:26 Fri 4/3/2015

Originally posted by DuffMan
I’m a swag hound for sure. I collect stickers but only very rarely would I pay for them, because I am just as happy grabbing a coaster or other item sporting the brewery logo. Sometimes I’ll grab a paper menu if the logo is on it, for example. I have an entire wall painted with magnetic paint, so I make my own magnets out of labels, coasters, and logo’ swag and then it all goes on the wall.

Side note: I’ve also collected labels from every beer I’ve tried, ever. I have over 5,000 of them, and I do various nerdy things like collages on canvas etc.

I’m pretty hopeless

Sounds like a pretty serious collection! I keep seeing things about people collecting bottle labels. I never thought once to keep a label (maybe because i’m a slow drinker and the labels are usually ruined by the condensation by the time I’m done drinking) there a reason why you collect them?

beers 708 º places 17 º 10:52 Fri 4/10/2015

I will happily send free Public House Brewing Company stickers to anyone who wants one. Just PM me your info.

beers 11051 º places 464 º 11:19 Fri 4/10/2015

I have them all over the walls of my cellar.

beers 30304 º places 3522 º 12:10 Fri 4/10/2015

Originally posted by CLevar
Originally posted by Travlr
Originally posted by CLevar
I love them and have covered my lab bench with them. I hope the next student likes beer...
subliminal suggestion...

Subliminal nothing.

It’s more like a bludgeoning. They are all over the place. .
pics please.

beers 1548 º places 115 º 12:28 Fri 4/10/2015

Originally posted by drowland
If I get one, I stick it on my mini fridge. I never pay for them, don’t seek them out, and don’t usually care if they are offered.

Replace mini fridge with mash tun cooler, and this is me.

beers 1295 º places 34 º 12:49 Fri 4/10/2015

I somewhat collected them over the years. Mostly from trades where guys throw them into the box. Occasionally I’ll pick up stickers at festivals but not always. I’d never buy any. I had them all in my office drawer with the idea that one day I would come up with something cool to do with them that wouldn’t piss off my wife.

I thought that day had finally come just this week. I bought a new ice chest for camping and so I got out the stickers I was saving and plastered them all over the top and sides. Only to come downstairs the next morning and see that over half of them are coming up and obviously don’t stick to the chest. Oh well. On to finding something else to do with them.

beers 181 º places 34 º 04:18 Tue 7/21/2015

I love me some brewery stickers, my kegerator is wrapped in them, and vintage beer labels under clear vinyl.

beers 4946 º places 92 º 04:27 Tue 7/21/2015

Sure. My suitcase is covered in stickers from brewery visits and festivals.

beers 3613 º places 66 º 16:56 Tue 7/21/2015

The only time I search out a sticker is when I get a new tap handle that requires one.