Brewery Trademark For Sale

Reads 504 • Replies 8 • Started Monday, September 4, 2017 9:50:48 AM CT

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09:50 Mon 9/4/2017

beers 2499 º places 25 º 10:32 Mon 9/4/2017

Is $45,000 a good price?

beers 2390 º places 98 º 12:14 Mon 9/4/2017

Paying for a name and not the business? Who are they? I see they started in business in 2016. Could they have developed enough recognition in that time to make it worthwhile to buy the name for that much? I think not.

beers 14609 º places 583 º 16:19 Mon 9/4/2017

Looks like they just posted their updated tap list on Facebook a couple days the bar closing, or re-branding?

17:05 Mon 9/4/2017

The owner is be re-branding to less of a beer-centric name.

16:04 Thu 9/7/2017

Trademark, logo,

beers 10824 º places 219 º 17:39 Thu 9/7/2017

Tree fiddy

beers 10774 º places 420 º 02:01 Fri 9/8/2017

What kind of price are we talking?

beers 6646 º places 35 º 07:14 Fri 9/8/2017

Do you think one can acquire it with some rare coral?