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places 4 º 09:07 Sat 9/8/2012

hello, i wanna brew at home my own beer. however the problem is that im gonna do it for the first time and so, some friends advised me to try the beginners kits. i do not really like the idea of producing something that is almost ready. i prefer brewing something personal, genuine and as i like it. i am looking something like an american style of IPA.
do you also recommend the beer kits? is it very difficult to brew it without a kit?


beers 19 º places 11 º 09:18 Sat 9/8/2012

are you starting out with extract?

places 4 º 09:21 Sat 9/8/2012

you mean materials like this? where you put just water and it is ready in 3-4 weeks?

places 4 º 09:24 Sat 9/8/2012

basically i have no clue what to do. they told me that a brewing kit for beginners is the best for starting. i just dont like the mainstream beers that are on market and i dont like lager. i didnt find any craft or american microbreweries kit...

beers 19 º places 11 º 09:28 Sat 9/8/2012

do you have a homebrew store near you?

places 4 º 09:30 Sat 9/8/2012

nop! only way is to order online or wait till i go back to england and seek properly

beers 19 º places 11 º 09:33 Sat 9/8/2012

im not sure if they ship internationally but these are good sites to order from.

beers 2360 º places 104 º 09:33 Sat 9/8/2012

Based on your place ratings, you seem to be in Cyprus. I would try to find an on-line retailer who will ship you a kit of equipment similar to this one:

and then an ingredient kit along the lines of one of these:

that should be a good start.

places 4 º 09:36 Sat 9/8/2012

so you believe that a brewing kit ( but not a commercial mainstream eg coopers)would be the best solution

places 4 º 09:38 Sat 9/8/2012

im currently studying in the uk so im gonna start the homebrew later this month when i get back

places 4 º 10:07 Sat 9/8/2012 this place is in the town i live

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