Brewing Schedule for 2013

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06:12 Fri 1/11/2013

Originally posted by pellegjr
Equatorial Stout: Foreign Extra Stout w/ cocoa nibs, coffee, and Thai chiles. Decent base beer, the flavor accents need some ratio adjustment.

Odd that you wouldn’t use cayenne in this. The earthiness seems to fit better with the base, cocoa, and coffee.

Originally posted by pellegjr
Fruit bomb, the lady got a taste of NG Belgian Red and has been asking for something similar ever since.

Are you going to kill the yeast with sulfate and backsweeten?

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I brew about once a week, so I rarely plan more than a couple months ahead. My planning goes with the yeast I use, right now I’m about to brew my last batch with a kölsch yeast I’ve been using, about to start a string of belgian ales then I’m going back to london esb for a couple porters/ESBs. I always like having some IPA and saison fermenting so those yeasts go pretty much year round.

09:25 Fri 1/11/2013

Originally posted by JulienHuxley
I brew about once a week, so I rarely plan more than a couple months ahead.

Holy Jeebus! What do you do with all that beer?

beers 5909 º places 415 º 10:08 Fri 1/11/2013

I’m a philosophy major, so I have a lot of poor friends to help out. They pay for half the ingredients, they give me a hand on brewday, and they get half the batch. I like it because I get to brew and hone my skills plus have a good variety of homebrew ready most of the time. They LOVE me.

beers 285 º places 6 º 16:07 Sat 1/12/2013

Just racked a Wheat beer onto Blueberries....up next is either a Cherry Oatmeal stout or somekind of a single hop pale ale.

beers 217 º 16:48 Sat 1/12/2013

I have a black current porter bottled that was supposed to be more like a chocolate coffee porter, but I didn’t use enough specialty grains so the black current note from challenger hops is what dominates it. I’ll call it a happy accident porter because it tastes good.

Currently fermenting a honey blonde ale with Moteuka hops and WY1098. I’ll split the batch after fermentation and add some fruit to half of it and bottle the other half.

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Originally posted by NobleSquirrel
Originally posted by BMan1113VR
Originally posted by adamjackson. I have so many great local IPAs to drink from Hill Farmstead and Lawsons that brewing my own IPAs isn’t as much fun.
As much as I love HF IPAs, there is always a worth while reason to have homebrewed hoppy beers on tap if you do them right.

With control & money being the two main factors, imo.
granted on the control bit for sure. Money...I don’t know

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As far as my brew (at a brewery) has really killed my urge to package. I have 10+ beers going at the moment, and my ideas/urges to brew outway my willingness to transfer or package (be it keg or bottles)... that said, once I package most of my 2012/2011 and the few 2010 beers (and one 2009 wine) I have, I think most of the new brews will be things I want to keg (hoppy IPAs/pales/etc), and some sours, with some meads mixed in. I brewed way to many saisons (various) this year that I am now to lazy to bottle condition or keg.

15:17 Sun 1/13/2013

continuing last years theme and doing a lot of single hop 3.5-4% alcohol beers.

going to actually bottle up some of these sours...

beers 217 º 15:36 Sun 1/13/2013

I’ve brewed soda pop with a higher ABV :)

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