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Originally posted by JulienHuxley
Your technique, I gather, is to avoid breaking the aroma compounds in hops that get destroyed by boiling?


Originally posted by JulienHuxley
It sounds good, but also a tad "wasteful" in the cost/benefit sense. I’ll have to try it someday though.

I think that you’ll find similar techniques and amounts being used by those that brew well-regarded hoppy beers. When and if you give it a whirl, please post your thoughts. I’ll be interested to find out what you think of it.

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Originally posted by HornyDevil
Originally posted by adamjackson
brewing the Boulevard Saison Brett Clone. First Brett Beer. Very stoked!

Care to post the recipe that you are using?

This one with a few tweaks -

Using a White Labs Brett C vial in place of the dregs. Only using a primary fermentation chamber and planning on giving it 60 days in the carboy before kegging it. I want that Brett to take over and do wonderful things.

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