Brewing "tight"

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beers 13190 º places 219 º 10:54 Tue 12/15/2015

Broke my hydrometer during brew day this past weekend, so no OG reading on my Session IPA.

I tend to also brew on the "loose" side. I put a recipe together to get to an approximate OG/IBU level, but tend not to care if I end up off by a bit. Water I never measure exactly, though with grain and hops I know exactly what I’m putting in since it’s weighed out when I purchase it.

beers 88 º places 40 º 11:20 Tue 12/15/2015

Originally posted by GarethYoung
I’m definitely on the sloppy end of the scale. I take gravity measurements and I measure mash temperature, but that’s about it, in terms of readings. Since everything I make is rank with brettanomyces, and possibly bacteria, already, I actually don’t even bother sterilising things most of the time. I look at cross-contamination, mostly, as a positive thing. I’m careful about IBU’s and mash temperature, but that’s about it, in terms of readings/calculations.

I’ve been brewing for a while though and used to be much more precise. I think you need to learn how everything works carefully before you decide what you can be relaxed about. I’ve got a fairly well worked-out process that does the damage, so I mostly just stick to that and judge things by eye and by taste.

Yes, this is how I brew and I’ve been much criticised for it although I don’t really have an interest in making "clean beers" anyway
Ibu calculators do not work you just need to know your hops and if in doubt only at flameout for high aa

I stopped taking og readings, what’s the point ? And I rarely take fg no need, I know the strength by the grain bill. A nice sample with a wine thief tells me if the beer is done

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