Bringing beer in luggage through Iceland

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This rings my bell...German customs officer:"Beer? nobody brings beer to Germany!. Ah, ok, this is wine.".
I´ve never declared beers, since they are for my own or gifts.

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Bribe the customs officers with marijuana.

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Originally posted by adnielsen
I am also nervous that I am going to stick out like a sore thumb in the "no declarations" lane with three suitcases.

So declare it. Spend ten extra minutes doing the right thing and continue your travels. The truth will set you free. Everyone here seems to have an opinion that Customs agencies in any country of the world are a joke...if so, you are wrong in this assumption. It is just that beer is not high on the list of things that they can regulate. If you do not declare, I hope you get a pissed off grumpy new guy that likes to fill out forms. Then you’re focked for future travel as well.