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At Station Taproom in downingtown today!! Excellent stuff...if you make it to the Philly area, its very close to Victory and worth the stop. Awesome food...seasonal, local ingredients and everything made in house. Great beers too.

Whats your brunch spot and why?

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Ive wanted to make it out there for some time now- might have to sooner than later.

For me, living in the area I do, I have a lot of awesome options. The Abbaye, in Northtern Liberties, serves up one heck of a tasty Huevos Rancheros. THey also have a nice tap lineup. North 3rd, just around the block from the Abbaye, has both an absolutely stellar biscuit and gravy as well as a chili and eggs dish that rocks my face each and every time. The tap list is also pretty solid.

Oh, man. I love getting my brunch (food and booze) buzz on.

Nice! Northern liberties isnt too far for me...have to check out te Abbaye! Station does a nice brunch menu and their specials each week include a scone (this week a cherry scone with salted vanilla butter!) And a different stuffed french toast each week. Delectable!