bytemesis at 9,000!

Reads 1342 • Replies 26 • Started Saturday, October 21, 2017 10:30:19 PM CT

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beers 12185 º places 1352 º 14:29 Sun 10/22/2017

Thanks ladies! I have been doing a lot of work travel lately, which means a lot of ticking. Just finished dumping (I think) all of my backlog, which you would think would slow things down, but I am heading to Virginia tomorrow and Seattle on Friday, so the tick goes on :)

beers 11071 º places 356 º 14:39 Sun 10/22/2017

Originally posted by bytemesis
Just finished dumping

beers 5019 º places 97 º 16:10 Sun 10/22/2017

Well done Mike!!

beers 30397 º places 1161 º 16:59 Sun 10/22/2017

Cheers to yourself and also a big shout to the aliens who help you at tastings!

beers 5359 º places 54 º 17:07 Sun 10/22/2017

beers 10052 º places 353 º 19:13 Sun 10/22/2017

Originally posted by b3shine
Originally posted by bytemesis
Just finished dumping

beers 2067 º places 38 º 19:54 Sun 10/22/2017

Wow, congrats you colossal bender

beers 6765 º places 314 º 04:10 Thu 10/26/2017

Noroc! Glad I got to share some with you via trade :)

beers 2898 º places 125 º 09:59 Thu 10/26/2017

Was that a pretty quick last thousand?