California bars & breweries

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GSUES. There is a few good spot I would check while in LA/OC area and San Diego.

Pale Ales and IPAs. Blue Palms, Alpine, Hess, Port Brewing, Bootleggers, Alesmith, Russian River, Etc..

Stouts and Darker Ales: Alesmith, The Lost Abbey, Bruery, Alpine

Cool Beer Bars: Toranados, Churchills, Beachwood, Hollingshead, Congregational Alehouse, Lucky Baldwin, Etc.

If you have any other questions just shoot me a message.

shoot me a message if you need more options.

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Second the HW1 tip, thats a nice tour with many possible stops. Hearst Castle was somewhat cool for the story and location (the art and architecture is nice but not very special for europeans Id say).

In SF, Id recommend a stop at Humphrey Slocombe. Iconic little ice cream bar with tons of cool flavours. Magnolia is a great stop for lunch or dinner when youre doing Haights. If you want to go to Alcatraz, book your tour far ahead.

In San Diego I enjoyed the visit to USS Midway (carrier ship turned naval warfare museum).