CAMRA chairman angry at BA magazine article

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05:08 Sat 6/4/2011

Not as far as I know. And yes you can vote for more than one person, presumably up to 40.

17:06 Sat 6/4/2011

Originally posted by chriso
Also quite interesting, I had cause to consult my 2011 Good Beer Guide this morning and, as it fell open at Roger Protz’s introduction, the first words were "craft brewers". The term also appears in several other places in the articles at the front of the guide. So, although it seems to be a term we have difficulty in defining, CAMRA has no problem with the term itself. I’d be interested to know whether there is a CAMRA definition.

I don’t know but it’d be amusing if CAMRA started putting "Join the craft beer revolution" on their marketing stuff.