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beers 14986 º places 592 º 15:42 Sun 6/9/2013

Havenít done a Canadian trade for years. Any current advice on things like UPS and customs?

beers 3907 º places 5 º 16:06 Sun 6/9/2013

Basic advices: Declare the box content as being anything but food or liquids and declare it being worth less than $20. Make sure there is no sloshing sounds and pack well. I usually declare it as being books and worth $0 (and a gift).

beers 1879 º places 34 º 08:18 Mon 6/10/2013

I always declare "ceramics".

beers 2769 º places 131 º 10:02 Mon 6/10/2013

I saw this and thought to myself "what beer is worth Canada" strange brain wiring aside definitely make sure its under $20, make sure to include the right number of items, label as a gift, and if there is a harmonized code then make sure to use it (only know about this for fedex not sure about for other ways).

beers 14986 º places 592 º 19:44 Tue 6/11/2013

I kind of like ceramic memorabilia. Thoughts?


beers 8125 º places 958 º 20:06 Tue 6/11/2013

4 successful trades in the last three months, no customs pain (yet). I usually declare a combination of the old standard "collectible glassware" and "homemade ornaments" and always declare the correct number of bottles. Has worked so far.

places 1 º 20:08 Tue 6/11/2013

Last shipment I did to Canada, I declared the bottles to be about a few bucks each, and it backfired. Customs didnít buy that shit and wanted proof of actual value, which I didnít have, so they sent it back. I had to repack and ship it back again, this time putting the actual beer price on the form, and it worked.
I promised myself Iíll never ship to Canada again, since customs has gotten real dick about it.
My advice would be to have your recipient take a little hit as far as customs taxes, and you declare a decent value on the package, so customs doesnít get suspicious.

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