candied bacon

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beers 2449 º places 189 º 20:00 Fri 12/28/2012

Originally posted by DYCSoccer17

Originally posted by Walt
Originally posted by Walt
Originally posted by watson1977
I prefer to get others to google for me.

We’ve done several five course meals with bacon as the focal point and my Executive Chef has candied just about every part of a pig, anyway. Email him scott at flixbrewhouse dot com. Let him know that you got his info on RB.

He is going on vacation in like 2 days, so email him now.

In fact, 2 weeks ago he used some of my ’95 Triple Bock to make a cayenne candy glaze to prosciutto. It was good...but not bacon good.

Why would any perfectly sane chef waste prosciutto with such shenanigans? That’s weak shit, and your chef should be scrolled past.

Shitty prosciutto, stupid. That’s why. Dumb casey.

places 1 º 20:19 Fri 12/28/2012

You could use that salty southern style country ham instead of prosciutto....but run of the mill prosciutto is way over is cheap balsamic vinegar and lots of cbeese

beers 291 º places 6 º 06:14 Sat 12/29/2012

I have expanded on the basic candied bacon reciepe and added nuts, pink peppercorns, fennel, honey, maple syrup, bourbon....

always comes out fantastic.

beers 2936 º places 108 º 07:07 Sat 12/29/2012

Just watch some Epic Meal Time and you should be fine ;-)

places 1 º 22:27 Mon 12/31/2012

I made candied bacon tonight....five pounds disappeared fast.

beers 712 º places 18 º 16:31 Sat 3/30/2013

Originally posted by watson1977
I’m sure its simple enough to make and many of you have had it but ive only just tried it for the first time recently. It is on the menu at Tired Hands and its one of the most heavenly things ive eaten. Anyone have a good recipe for this?

What i do is rub some bacon down with brown sugar, add fine chopped walnuts and then bake it. Part way through i add a bit more brown sugar on top for what has melted off.