Canterbury Brewers beer available at De Rat Utrecht

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beers 18579 º places 37 º 09:54 Tue 7/24/2012

For people staying in Utrecht for Borefts you can go to Derat

and drink beer from Canterbury’s only brewpub

of course you can always come to Canterbury and drink the beers at source. The Diamond Jim at the moment is top notch

beers 24913 º places 2848 º 10:52 Tue 7/24/2012

Derat is a great place. Never tried the Canterbury brews, but now I’m looking forward to it.

beers 7533 º places 715 º 10:53 Tue 7/24/2012

How on earth have the beers ended up there? Since we’re staying in Utrecht again, and I rather regard Derat as home base in town, we’ll no doubt be spending plenty of time there. Erik’s a top bloke.

beers 18579 º places 37 º 11:57 Tue 7/24/2012

Eric came over to the UK and picked some beers up. I saw the invoice this afternoon. I really have to get a life. I think Chris that they may not be ticks for you but even still great to see them overseas. You must do a Canterbury visit at some point