Cashmere & Comet Hops

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05:54 Thu 3/3/2016

Any of you all used either of these hops?

Alpha Acid: 10.2%
Dual Purpose hop with a strong melon, lemon, lime and slightly spicy notes. A mild herbal aroma, spiced candy fruit basket.

Alpha Acid: 11.7%
Bittering Hop with a unique wild american aroma, and wonderful zesty grapefruit, lemon, and orange notes.

How about the 2015 Citra crop? How is it smelling and tasting?

beers 2359 º places 104 º 06:44 Thu 3/3/2016

Haven’t used cashmere but had a few beers that were made with it when it was released at cbc 2 years ago. Seemed like a nice hop overall, but there was some coconut and vanilla, along the lines of what you sometimes get in sorachi.

Again, haven’t used comet, but have heard from one of NY’s best hop forward brewers that he expected it to be one of the next "it" hops.

beers 2996 º places 156 º 07:43 Thu 3/3/2016

I’ve heard similar things as rudolf about both, but don’t have any first hand experience with either hop yet. I looked into getting some Comet but could only get 44# bags so I moved on to something else for the moment, maybe we’ll come back to it.

Along the same lines, does anyone have any experience with the newly named hop Denali, formerly experimental #06277 aka Nuggetzilla?

11:23 Thu 3/3/2016

Just ordered a pound of each along with a pound of Archer, a new(er) UK varietal, just because it sounded interesting:

Alpha Acid 4-6%
Aroma hop with apricot, peach, lime and floral notes

Total, with shipping, was about $78 and since HopsDirect’s pounds tend to be about 18 oz., that rounds out to about $1.45 per oz. Not bad, IMO.

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