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beers 181 º places 34 º 11:15 Mon 4/25/2016

Anyone there?

Any must hit events?

I can’t find an ittinerary?!

beers 3709 º places 18 º 11:26 Mon 4/25/2016


phillytapfinder is always a great place to start.

beers 7929 º places 423 º 18:44 Mon 4/25/2016

I’ll be there.

beers 10000 º places 122 º 17:37 Tue 4/26/2016

I will be there representing Taft’s Ale House!

We’re having events at Capone’s and Milk Boy, not sure what dates yet.. I will update here when I figure that out.

It’s my first CBC. I’m looking forward to the educational events at the conference, the beer events after, and meeting all kinds of beer people through the week.