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Iím heading to Charleston for my girlfriends family reunion and Fourth of July but will have a lot of down time. Iím already planning on Westbrook, COAST and Charleston Beer Exchange. Any other must beer centric recommendations, restaurants, markets, specialty stores, or outdoor things to do? Iíll be staying right in the heart of downtown and have use of a car. I will also need good coffee. Thanks guys!


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EVO pizza is awesome, I hear Closed for Business is good as well. Been a few years since Iíve been there, but it seems like the entire beer scene has gotten exponentially better. Enjoy the city, so much to do! The guys at CBX will take care of you

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Closed For Business
Laura Alberts
The Craftsmen (new place in the shopping area of downtown)
Tedís Butcherblock
EVO (good pizza)

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Bowenís Island - one of the best food experiences youíll ever have.

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Evo, Holy City.

And I agree with you and others, Westbrook, COAST and CBX should be at the top of your list.

If I recall correctly, Southend is walking distance from CBX. Itís nothing special but might be worth a stop if you want some random ticks.

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Had to check my place ratings as I forgot the name. Coleman Public House gets some cool things on tap.

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Awesome. Thank you! Anymore information is greatly appreciated.

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Surreyano ham in the bar at Husk and the gnocchi at Fig

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You may have already found it, but is a pretty comprehensive rundown of beer related places in CHS.
Sullivans Island is worth checking out; good beaches plus some good food (Home Team BBQ, Poes). I second Coleman Public House. House of Brews in Mt Pleasant (couple miles from Coleman Public House) is a cool, funky, low key place.
Sesame is Mount Pleasant also has really good burgers and a strong draft beer selection.
If youíre looking for some non-beer libations, The Gin Joint on East Bay is a great place.

For a nice morning after fat pill, Glazed donuts on King street is awesome.