chrisoís Pre-GBBF Shindig

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Originally posted by harrisoni
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(including those of the Mount Vesuvius variety!) ,

Yes, that was one hell of a gusher.

I think some of you may have already left, but we had a late night gusher that came all the way from New York: Ithaca Le Bleu. (At least, I think it was Le Bleu, but maybe Brute?)

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Another huge thanks to Chris and Ruth for hosting. I had a great time. Wish I couldíve stayed til the end.

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Awesome event! Big thanks to Chris & Ruth for their generosity!

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Many thanks to Chris & Ruth for hosting another great tasting. It was good to catch up with those Iíve met before as well as meeting new faces.

Thanks also to everyone for bringing some pretty outstanding offerings.

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Originally posted by bobinlondon
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You at GBBF already Craig?

Leave some BSF beers for us if you are!

na, well yeah

chrisís with stella on sat, then at gbbf today.

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Hetzelsdorfer - Chris listed it as Weihnachtsbock, Jan rated it thus as well. Jack, Leighton and Ian rated under Fruhlings Festbier.

Which one was it? Donít think we had both did we?


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Since my list was largely compiled from the empties Iíd guess Iím right. Donít think I took a photo of the bottle though as thereís already one on the site.

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Your list saved me a shitload of time Chris - itís much appreciated. I think your right as well. Ian, Leighton, Jack - you may want to consider moving your ratings ....

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Hi Ken I have moved mine and will move the others as well.