Cider and yeasts?

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beers 6586 º places 259 º 14:04 Sat 1/23/2016

So today, after almost two weeks, I was planning on bottling my cider and throw in a pinch of brett for refermentation in the bottle.
Looks like a little mold floathing on top, yet the aroma is very nice and doesn’t give a hint of being infected, moldish tone or whatever... (See photo)...

What should I do?
Get the mold of and use the cider? Throw the cider away?

At least it looks like mold to me but it is also quite small and the smell of this cider seems tl be fine, a mix of sweet apples with little fermentation and some dust...

What should I do?

beers 3140 º places 134 º 14:40 Sat 1/23/2016

I would gently rack it into your bottling bucket and proceed as planned with the Brett addition. I’m not 100% convinced that’s mold - it could be the early stages of a pellicle developing?

beers 6586 º places 259 º 15:32 Sat 1/23/2016

Thanks for your view!
Just bottled it and even tasted a bit, apart from a bit sweet and dusty apple juice/cider, nothing crazy...
Let it stand now for 2 months before opening one.
Also had the idea there’s enough sugars to ferment, so no extra addition like honey or sugars...

Tomorrow I’ll start with a perry...


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