Cigar City Brewpub!

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beers 117 º places 11 º 18:07 Sat 3/30/2013

I gotta take my hat of to Joey! I just got back from a "soft opening" event...and the food was teriffic!

I was so surpised at the variety. From Kimchee to traditional cuban ropa vieja to swordfish tacos and kale salad... And all very good!

CCB is leading the local charge with food and beer pairing and this new brew pub follows that lead.

Washed my food down with a lovely Belgian from the Bruery and sampled the CCB cask Jamonero...woo hoo!

beers 5489 º 18:47 Sat 3/30/2013

I cant wait till monday when tbey officialt open. I can walk out side my office and see it. Cant wait.

beers 8088 º places 562 º 19:02 Sat 3/30/2013

Great - will need to try next time I am in town - will be a tough choice between the tasting room and the brewpub!

beers 1664 º places 1 º 20:28 Sat 3/30/2013

Had a wonderful meal as well and washed it down with great beer. Its a long trek for me but one I will make often.

beers 1069 º places 32 º 05:25 Sun 3/31/2013

The place is absolutely beautiful and the food was amazing. Well done CCB.

beers 1976 º places 112 º 06:19 Sun 3/31/2013

I hope to swing by there while Im in Tampa.

beers 5441 º places 209 º 08:42 Sun 3/31/2013

Very awesome time. We went Friday and it was outstanding.