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18:55 Thu 11/22/2012

How many of you enjoy a fine cigar with a quality beer or spirit? A friend from sent me these. I’ll usually enjoy a good cigar and an aged beer of some sort when I brew. I’m looking forward to all of these! :)

beers 6573 º places 35 º 19:15 Thu 11/22/2012

What are "these"??

beers 10017 º places 672 º 19:51 Thu 11/22/2012

Originally posted by dmac
What are "these"??

Only the best of course

beers 3726 º places 182 º 20:05 Thu 11/22/2012

Strawberry philly blunts would be my guess.

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beers 2883 º places 348 º 02:29 Fri 11/23/2012

Cigars, Beer, and Whiskey. Never any combination of at the same time.

beers 10477 º places 452 º 02:39 Fri 11/23/2012

I used to smoke Black & Mild while sippin’ on some Steel Reserve, but that was before I knew craft beer.

beers 11411 º places 291 º 07:39 Fri 11/23/2012

Originally posted by Walt

Montecristo #2

beers 7084 º places 28 º 08:06 Fri 11/23/2012

I’d rather set fire to YOUR dung and inhale it that be within 50 yards of any lit cigar. And YES, I have smelled "good" burning shitlogs (I mean cigars) too. Worst. Smell. Ever.

beers 397 º places 12 º 08:25 Fri 11/23/2012

In honesty, I can’t see how a cigar would do anything other than completely mask the taste of a beer. I bought a really nice cigar once. It smelled great.... before I lit it.

beers 10017 º places 672 º 10:10 Fri 11/23/2012

OP must’ve eaten himself to death on thanksgiving. RIP