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Originally posted by HogTownHarry
Id rather set fire to YOUR dung and inhale it that be within 50 yards of any lit cigar.

I can shit in a bag, freeze-dry it and shoot it your way. Of course, Id need you to video yourself inhaling it... and a bottle of Dead Frog Pepper Lime Lager. Sound like a fair trade? Send me a BM and well get this thing done.

Ok, never before has "send me a BM" been more appropriately used.

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I pair cigars and beer all the time.

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I havent smoked for years. I used to smoke a pipe, and Onderberg cigars with Castle. Looking back. I think the cigars were better than the beer.

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Never really tried to pair cigars with beer other than to enjoy them both.

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All the time, especially in the cold months with imperial stouts. My favorite brands, in order, are CAO, OIiva (Series V rule), Rocky Patel, and Gurhka.