Citra availability?

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Anyone know whether these will surface on the home brew market? Been looking for a while now, and no luck. Would appreciate any leads - maybe I just havenít come across the right vendor.

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Even to most commercial brewers thereís been a massive lack of Citra for quite a while.

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I found mine by surprise at my local homebrew shop.

beers 3642 º places 151 º 08:33 Mon 11/26/2012
beers 599 º places 39 º 09:50 Mon 11/26/2012

Originally posted by SpringsLicker
I got these a week ago.

Thanks - just placed an order.

beers 4200 º places 32 º 10:28 Mon 11/26/2012

Anyone know one in Europe?

beers 726 º places 164 º 11:09 Mon 11/26/2012

As usual, big shortages this year - brewers will get first dibs then homebrewers if thereís any left!

beers 3438 º places 209 º 11:12 Mon 11/26/2012

A guy in my club buys contracts every year, thatís where my pound came from...

beers 3 º 11:49 Mon 11/26/2012

Have you tried northern brewing?

beers 3438 º places 209 º 14:32 Mon 11/26/2012

Joel, I think thereís something wrong with the post button...

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