Cleaning Beer Glasses

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beers 456 º places 15 º 16:43 Mon 10/1/2012

What do you guys use to clean your beer glasses?

I use light soap and a scrub brush... I know... I know... (pure laziness...)

What methods do you use or recommend?

beers 1592 º places 63 º 16:45 Mon 10/1/2012

I just rinse mine out when I’m done. Air dry.

beers 2451 º places 57 º 16:48 Mon 10/1/2012

Sounds good. Palmolive and a bit of hand washing works well. No need to over-think this.

beers 3670 º places 20 º 16:52 Mon 10/1/2012

Originally posted by pepsiedcan
I just rinse mine out when I’m done. Air dry.

This. I’ll wash them with a little dish soap and a sponge (used only for my beer glasses) every few days to get fingerprints off.

beers 2379 º places 20 º 17:04 Mon 10/1/2012

My dishwasher.

beers 4693 º places 75 º 17:05 Mon 10/1/2012

I’ll try to wash my two regular beer tasting glasses, ( a big goblet and a small goblet) every time I’ve used them. I use special beer glasses, what they use in bars and clean them with hot water. Then I polish them with a dry towel without any fluff. Keeps them squeaky clean!!

beers 7560 º places 141 º 17:17 Mon 10/1/2012

Dishwasher. However, it happens too often that they come out with a dishwasher smell to them. It is very distracting when drinking beer.

beers 10002 º places 672 º 17:21 Mon 10/1/2012

I would dishwasher if I wasn’t afraid of logos getting melted off

beers 456 º places 15 º 18:12 Mon 10/1/2012

Wow. I am surprised that there is one super crazy about super clean glasses...

Water. Soap. Fingers. Shake dry. Air dry.

For the dishwasher folks:

1. Pull out your dishwasher racks and clean off any visible grime.
2. Run a cup for white vinegar on your hottest wash cycle.
3. Run a cup of baking soda on hottest wash cycle.
4. Enjoy non-fishy dishes.

I try to do this about once a month.

beers 4000 º places 5 º 18:23 Mon 10/1/2012

Rinsing with hot water after washing them (either air dried or with a clean cloth) and with cold water just before pouring is fine with me. I mean, the double rinsing might be one too much (if properly stored) but it makes me feel confident that I won’t introduce bad flavors.