Collar and Wood Laminate Cover for Chest Freezer Kegarator with SS Drip Tray Chicago

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I am moving and have a Cedar collar for a 10.1 or 10.2 Cu Ft chest freezer that is attached to maple wood panels that completely cover the chest freezer. A stainless steep drip tray and the collar have been bored for 4 tap shanks for up to four cornie kegs or 1/6 barrels. I used to have 1/6 barrels and cornies of homebrew but have a single barrel tap now. The collar and cover slip over the base of the freezer and you attached the freezer lid directly to the cedar collar.

I also have a four guage regulator that regulates each keg in the unit.

I paid over $500 for the materials and the regulator but I need to get rid of them. They need a cleaning but this is ready made to easily convert a chest freezer to a kegerator. Literally 10 minutes and it is converted with this. I made this about 10 years ago but need to move on.

I am in Palos Heights and would merely ask for someone to pick it up and maybe leave some beer in exchange. No price and your call on the beer. I would rather a local rate beer guy get this then selling it on Craigslist or offerup.

beer mail me and I an send you my phone number and pictures

I also posted this in the local Chicago forum given my location.