Cooking whole pig

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Originally posted by pushkinwow
Originally posted by b3shine
Originally posted by JK
It is a lot of work, a mess, and takes a long time.

This. Either have the meal catered, or (if you want the experience) hire someone to cook it for you (which is what we do). It will consume your day, which isn’t how I’d want to spend my time when friends are in town.

Those are some very good points...might need to reconsider...or at least start smaller and build up to it. I imagine if its something to do with friends over the course of a day or two it might be fun, but not on a holiday weekend with kids and families who are hungry!

Yes, consider it a 3 person job over two days for prepping, cooking, and serving. All said, I can come up with enough meat to feed 200 people for about $150.

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I’d like to see a picture of that whole pig...

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My family used to do a pig roast every summer. Dad built a two section stone fire pit - one for the fire, the other for the pig spit over the hot coals transferred from the fire. We would stuff the pig with chicken and sausages, then wrap in chicken wire to hold it all together. Would cook it overnight with a crew of six of us tending to it, whilst drinking the better part of a keg. It was a lot of fun. I was in my 20’s then. No way I could do it now (43).

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sounds amazing

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Meh. We do this once a year. It takes too long and you honestly don’t get that much meat for the work. It’s a cool show and fun to stay up shoveling wood and all that, but muuuuuch easier and better to cook things in smaller portions.

Sarky may be able to help as I know he cooked a whole sheep last week in Wales.

beers 3602 º places 174 º 07:20 Thu 8/10/2017

Originally posted by RichTheVillan
Sarky may be able to help as I know he cooked a whole sheep last week in Wales.

Did he personally internally baste it beforehand

beers 3437 º places 209 º 08:12 Thu 8/10/2017

I’ll throw out there that we do a China Box for our Oktoberfest each year. Brian the pig overnight and cook it the next day. It’s low maintenance and efficient. Makes a great roasted pig every time.

11:29 Thu 8/24/2017

Originally posted by SpringsLicker
I’ve done a few whole hogs, but I did them buried for 24 hours in a pit lined with red-hot rocks. You’ll need about a ton of river rock to line the pit, about a cord of good hardwood to burn to get the rocks hot, some tin and a big tub full of wet burlap. Also it’s nice to have a small Kubota backhoe to do the digging and hoist the feast up out the hole the next day.

iv seen deer cooked like that, hot rock holes covered with a thick moist moss, iv been dying to try it myself soon, proper bushcraft!