Cooking with beer

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02:37 Mon 9/11/2017

Cooking. Avoid reducing an ipa, will be too bitter. Stews and chili? I favor porters, brow ales and stouts.

beers 6457 º places 60 º 11:24 Mon 9/11/2017

This is an old fashioned view. More modern: avoid reducing an IPA, will be so opaque it will dim all local light sources. If you use a heavy-based pot for stews, porters can be handy. Brows should be shaped as the cook reaches an age when putting on specs to consult the recipe would otherwise feel like entering a hedge.

beers 2900 º places 125 º 11:29 Mon 9/11/2017

Bitterness in beer to be used for culinary purposes is definitely an issue to reckon with. I've tasted bittersweet West Coast IPA cheesecake that was wonderful. Bitterness? Just add sweetness.

beers 3093 º places 140 º 13:57 Mon 9/11/2017

i am of the mind that you can cook with virtually any kind of beer really. just as long as you don't drink too much and fuck up the recipe. otherwise drink the beer and cook with wine! it's always worked best for us. the thought of drinking the wine repulses me. though i enjoy conversation with wine aficionados.

06:41 Wed 9/27/2017

sounds interesting. I know that cooking with wine brings additional flavor to the food, but I never heard about cooking with beer. In my house in Auckland I have a good collection of wines and craft-beers, I ordered for them special bar equipment here. Want to try some new recipes with beer also, it's gonna be entertaining.

beers 844 º places 20 º 10:58 Wed 9/27/2017

Chili absolutely requires beer (stout or porter). Belgian beers are good for making a pork roast. IPA is useless for cooking.

beers 2433 º places 44 º 01:26 Thu 9/28/2017

Whenever I get an infected stout or the like it goes in to the fridge for the nezt time I'm doing a Sunday roast.

beers 3093 º places 140 º 10:19 Thu 9/28/2017

the wife likes to try and take one or two of my beauties when she makes corned beef. so i keep a bottle or two of the cheaper stuff around for St. Paddy's day. She also attempts this atrocity whilst making chili. Must say i probably encouraged her once or twice over the 35 (thousand) years we have been married.

beers 2900 º places 125 º 11:42 Fri 9/29/2017

Originally posted by EvanFriend
Chili absolutely requires beer (stout or porter). Belgian beers are good for making a pork roast. IPA is useless for cooking.

Stone had a challenging but rewarding hoppy cheesecake on their restaurant menu way back. It was pretty interesting...

I've also had IPA iced cream floats which were pretty good.

beers 33903 º places 453 º 12:45 Fri 9/29/2017

did a double dry hopped gravy via cloudwater. i liked it. but my wife wasnt so keen

beers 7840 º places 292 º 14:24 Sat 9/30/2017

Lager in the pressure cooker with pork, yum.