Copper Kettle loses Mug Club member in Aurora theater shooting

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beers 9349 º places 1569 º 13:39 Tue 7/24/2012

from Copper Kettle’s Facebook page

Today, we remember our friend, a wonderful, bright spirited young man, just starting his life. Alex, brew club member #28, was one of the victims who was killed in the July 20th theater shooting. We will always remember you Alex with fond thoughts. You mug will always remain here in memory of your kind spirit. Please pray for Alex’s girlfriend Amanda who was also wounded in the accident and remains in the hospital.

beers 6355 º places 233 º 13:42 Tue 7/24/2012

That is very classy on the part of Copper Kettle.

beers 9349 º places 1569 º 13:44 Tue 7/24/2012
beers 978 º places 18 º 15:41 Tue 7/24/2012

Saw that a couple days ago, what a screwed up deal.

beers 1469 º places 57 º 16:17 Tue 7/24/2012

the picture on the facebook page is intense in the context of what happened. the guy looks like a greek warrior raising a pint of beer. condolences to family and friends.

beers 9349 º places 1569 º 19:24 Tue 7/24/2012

Copper Kettle is hosting a toast to Alex and the other victims on August 2