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Dear all,

I have a layover at CPH in a few weeks. Unfortunately not long enough to leave the airport. Is there any chance there are any bars or supermarkets that serve anything other than Carlsberg?

Thanks for your help.

Martin (Brussels)

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Almost not, how much time do you have? It takes 15 minutes with the metro to get to centre of the city.

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I have 50 minutes with no luggage... (Flying Zurich-Copenhagen-Brussels...) Thatís pretty tight timing...

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Yeah, more or less undoable.

02:24 Thu 8/16/2012

Just drink a carlsberg in the airport. I always have one when I fly no matter what time it is.

02:26 Thu 8/16/2012

Should say also a lot of the time you can get a Jacobsen in the airport and most of those are pretty good.

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Iíve had a few of the Jacobsenís in Oslo. Perhaps Iíll get some new ticks anyhow...

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Wasnít there a recent Facebook update from Mikkeller stating that he now has a beer available at the airport?

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You should still be able to purchase some Mikkeler beer in the airport - saw them there just 4 weeks ago....
Otherwise go for the Sportsbar overlooking the gates/landingstrip - Oleary or something. They may have some half decent beer.

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Originally posted by Pundarquartis
Wasnít there a recent Facebook update from Mikkeller stating that he now has a beer available at the airport?

This one was available at the airport on August 9th at least and probably itís an ongoing relationship:



The shop description says it carries "specialty beer" so they may have other Danish stuff available. Iíll be going through the airport myself on August 18th so I would be able to check for you if youíre interested.

When exactly will you have your short layover in CPH? I live quite close to the airport so if itís after hours I could come by with a bottle of whatever you would like if itís feasible for you to go through security in CPH.

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Maybe some mead at FineFood International Delicatessen. There should also be Jacobsen and Skovlyst beers.