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beers 2776 º 17:55 Tue 10/24/2017

I'm travelling to Greece - Athens next week (vacation) and I'm wondering if you have any suggestion of any bars or bottle shops I should visist during my stay there.

Also, if you have any general "good to knows" about Athens or Greece in general I would appreciate that as well.


beers 5536 º places 348 º 03:48 Wed 10/25/2017

Have a look here:

The best bar is this one:
It is closed on Mondays and opens the rest of the days at 18:00

For lunch and beers in the center of Athens I would suggest this:

Another place that I think that you might like close to the center of Athens is this:
Disregard the old reviews. This place has now almost 20 taps with many Greek micros and interesting European beers too.

If you go to Piraeus go for lunch/dinner and beers here:

I think the best beer stores are the following ones:

About beers, the following breweries have some nice beers: Satyr (the just bottled a new batch of Menace.. try it!), Strange Brew, Dark Crops, Flaros, Noctua, Septem, SOLO, Sknipa, Chios (the Bbq and the smoked robust porter)

One useful thing.. Taxis are cheap in Greece. For example you can take a taxi to go from the center of the city to the Local Pub at Chalandri area and this will cost you around 10 euros.. while in Sweden this distance would cost 3-4 times more.

beers 2776 º 08:27 Wed 10/25/2017

Thank you very much!

beers 5536 º places 348 º 08:40 Wed 10/25/2017

I copied and pasted my answer from a similar thread ;-)

beers 6256 º places 373 º 12:13 Wed 10/25/2017

Yes, and it was useful too!
I am now in Athens and been to the Athens Beer restaurant at Nikis, which has 7 beers on tap and around 120 bottles, at least half Greek craft beer.
I also visited a beer shop called Beer Corner on Perikleus st, which was disappointing since there were only 3 bottles of Greek beers. Not too bad for a day and a half, will visit the others in due time.

Originally posted by rouhlas
I copied and pasted my answer from a similar thread ;-)

beers 6899 º places 314 º 04:08 Thu 10/26/2017

what rouhlas said.
Bring cash because most places (and by most I mean globally acclaimed cocktail bars who have visitors from all over the world too) don't accept credit cards. Public transportation is also very convenient. is a pretty good store although when we were there, in the low season, they were low in stock. Has 2 taps.

beers 5536 º places 348 º 04:22 Thu 10/26/2017

I always forget to tell people to have cash with them! Since last year you can pay with credit card in many places but you still need cash for the most of your transactions

beers 2776 º 11:28 Tue 11/7/2017

Thx for the sugestions, I visited all those places except Cava di Patsi. Many of the stores/bars were out of stock on certain items I wanted to try, but I found some interesting stuff anyway, both domestic and international. The Menace IPA from Satyr was very nice (although I don't enjoy IPA's that much.)

By the way, almost every transaction I made was with a credit card. I think only 2-3 of maybe 20-30 didn't accept credit cards.