Craft Beer in Berlin

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03:44 Thu 12/22/2016

Hello fellow craft beer fans.
In Berlin the craft beer scene is exploding with new bars, bottleshops and breweries constantly opening. To support the scene we have started a site where you can find a map of Berlin with every craft beer related place on it. We also have an event calendar where we post all craft beer events. We hope you will find this useful and that you will help us support the craft beer scene in Berlin.

Kind regards

beers 32122 º places 4121 º 08:27 Thu 12/22/2016

This is very helpful. I visited Berlin briefly in July for too short a time and need to go back and explore properly.
I am amazed at the number of events! I hope that you can also enter some events in the distant future so us foreigners can plan trips to attend. For instance, I hope to make it to the Berliner Weisse Gipfel on 18 March, which is not yet on your calendar. Also, if you enter some of the larger events on the RateBeer calendar, you’ll get a wider audience, then just add a link to your site.
Best of luck!