Creative ratings?

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Originally posted by radarsock
bartalone’s rating of Lagunitas Sonoma Farmhouse Hop Stoopid: "Oh sweet mother of Louis Prima… This is but an average, OK beer. Well, it is average and OK in the same way as when you see a woman’s buttcheeks and say “those are OK butt cheeks” – but then you consider….and ponder for a moment…and realize…”THOSE ARE BUTTCHEEKS!” While buttcheeks are the very essence of the universe (a scientific fact) – combined with a soundtrack of Mr. Prima to compliment the cheeks of which I speak, make for a nice equation to happiness, they do not fully capture the spirit of a unified, collective conscious. Nevertheless, this beer is named stooped as a prank for such silly things or what there is to consider in the world of happy times. I like this beer OK – it is better than many others, much like the unappreciated buttcheeks spoken of earlier."


I just finished reading that and have lost all meaning in my life!

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In what country is it legal for 12-year-olds to drink beer? He is 12, right?

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Just read this dude,, over 700 ratings today only. Pure poetry.