Dark Horse in a Nickelback video?

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Originally posted by HonkeyBra
Theyíd be doing damage to their brand name by appearing in this video. So, no, itís not stupid.

If the video is as described in that write up I would most certainly say so. I donít know that "frat party" really helps their image.

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I would have done it in a second, and I donít like nickelback. Gotta keep your street cred instead of rolling in a pile of money I guess.

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Whilst this could become an advertising gold mine for the brewery and available on high rotation on major tv networks it could be irrelevant. I donít think people watching will realise itís a true craft beer or know how to get it. I personally despise Nickleback and prey that the brewery donít get involved even though itís free advertising. I am pretty sure that this could make the brewery but also it could be far too demanding for a micro.

Imagine if a 20hectolitre plant suddenly had too much demand and intense requests they canít keep up with the pressure. Then the quality of the beer may radically demise and the brewery could fail epically. It could be worse case scenario but call me skeptical.

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Originally posted by BavarianPurity
Originally posted by JoeMcPhee
Who gives a shit what itís about... it was a great opportunity.
Here, here!

Exactly. Itís about exposure and money and likeíem or not, Nickleback has a lot of money and they are very well-known. Personally, Iím more offended that rappers are in the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Shame, er, Fame than I am over what beer a band like Nickleback has in their music videos.

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I havenít read the BA thread, but I do presume this was a hard decision for them. They are getting ready to expand themselves anyway.

Great, great bunch of people. It is always my pleasure to be in there, since 2001.

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The brewer at Dark Horse thinks Slayer are cool?

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Originally posted by duff
The brewer at Dark Horse thinks Slayer are cool?

yeah, probably, and they may even know and like Boris, who knows?

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I think itís a ridiculous move on their behalf to turn down the opportunity. A) A crazy amount of free advertising and b) perhaps, just perhaps some BMC drinking youngster may recognise the stuff on a shelf some day and try some and actually become a good beer drinker...

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Crooked Tree would make for one dangerous beer pong game

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Originally posted by duff
The brewer at Dark Horse thinks Slayer are cool?

For real. It would be one thing if he said Nickelback just wasnít his kind of music, but he trashes the band and then says itís not a "cool" band like... Slayer?!?

As they say: everyoneís music taste sucks except your own.