Dark Horse turns down Nickelback endorsement

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Originally posted by CharmCityCrab
Iíll admit, Iíve got a few of their albums, when they were on-sale

oh man! Please tell me JoeT saw this! [Score * (Volume / Cost)?]

13:23 Tue 6/26/2012

Originally posted by CharmCityCrab
Originally posted by peteinSD
you would never be a craft brewer
I certainly donít like the way itís priced

So clearly you donít understand how price points work.

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Iím bowing out of this conversation. Donít wanna beat a dead horse or tag team on charmcitycrab, but for the record, I completely disagree with you.

So... letís get to the core here- a brewery *must* accept the invitation from a popular group regarding an advertising opportunity?

So, if you were president, would you, letís say, sign an executive order on the matter?

13:34 Tue 6/26/2012

Originally posted by radarsock

Actually, yes. The first point I thought was quite good: that craft beer enthusiasts/brewers may indeed take themselves too seriously, when in fact itís just beer and not too many people will in fact give a shit to it when compared to the radio or televised entertainment.

Clearly the rep for Nickelback didnít have any knowledge of Dark Horse however these people are supposed to be this way, are they not? When I think of Hollywood I think of up-tight fucks that sniff wine and tell other people how ugly their clothing is. The smaller guy should be the bigger guy. [good day!]

No, the first point was terrible.

"Sounds like the Dark Horse beer guy is kind of a jerk."
Simply because they said no? Thatís preposterous.

"The lead singer of a popular band likes his beer"
You donít know that.

"and wants to give it a ton of free publicity and the brewerís response is essentially "Go f yourself."
Dark Horse obviously did not want (style clashing) publicity. I also canít imagine the brewer said "Go f yourself." CharmCityCrab is very clearly filling in his own blanks AS IF HE WERE PLAYING MADLIBS.

"because he doesnít like popular music? Reinforces a lot of negative sterotypes about craft beer brewers being elisit and snobby."
This is sensationalism. Dark Horse is the opposite of elitist and snobby. They cater to beer geeks and bikers. They have a mannequin with tap handles coming out of its nipples. They have a sandwich called the OH YEAH and once made a beer called "Smells Like Weed IPA".


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Kudos to Dark Horse. They didnít intend their beers to be advertised by Nickelback, so turning down their offer to be co-opted by an entity they donít wish to be associated with (and all the free publicity that would bring them) is a choice to be praised. Few business owners have - and stick to - principles like that.

Plus, Nickelback are the audio equivalent of a Miller Lite after having been filtered through a cloth soaked in donkey urine, so, you know, thereís that.

One must also consider- what if the group wasnít popular? Is there a bias toward only accepting "popular" help? How about a group whose purposes your organization shares?

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Nickelback has some popularity, but is widely regarded as one of the singly worst musical groups to ever achieve that distinction. To stereotype widely, the kind of people who like Nickelback are probably not going to be buying lots of Dark Horse, and the kinds of people who like Dark Horse recognize that Nickelback is excremental shit of the most excrementally shitty kind.

Saying "go away" is basic marketing for Dark Horse; you want your product associated not with just anybody, but with people who you think will help you sell your stuff. Nickelback is not going to help make that happen. I mean, this couldnít be any more basic.

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I just googled Nickelback and, before I burn my computer, I should point out that Nickelback apparently has an album called "Dark Horse". Can the brewery sue for defamation of character?

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Originally posted by MilkmanDan
I just googled Nickelback and, before I burn my computer, I should point out that Nickelback apparently has an album called "Dark Horse". Can the brewery sue for defamation of character?

No no no, they wanted to use Dark Horse beer in their video because they were FANS of the beer. Iím sure the name of their album was purely a coincidence.