Dark Lord available in Amsterdam

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beers 5897 º places 342 º 10:38 Sat 3/31/2012

The Beer Temple (Amsterdam) now has a few bottles of two past Dark Lord vintages available:
- 2009 batch - EUR 200 (USD 267)
- 2010 batch - EUR 175 (USD 234)

I realise these are sky-high prices, even if they are from former years, but they’re generally not available in Europe, so here’s your chance. (Cracked Kettle, now closed, for awhile had the most recent Dark Lord selling for EUR 50 (USD 67.))

Cheers, Martin (Brussels)

FYI - I am in no way associated with the Beer Temple; and have never paid more than EUR 20 (USD 27) for a bottle myself but I am generally happy when harder-to-get stuff makes it to the Benelux and often pay for USA/Scandinavian macros in the secondary market...

beers 24488 º places 364 º 10:43 Sat 3/31/2012

I recon anyone that keen on Trying it could Trade for a bottle.Maybe not of those vintages. but the latest for less than that.

I know ive been Bonused 2 year Vintage DarkLord in trades

beers 15608 º places 254 º 10:58 Sat 3/31/2012

I’ve seen it too. Incredible prices, even for a vintage. Glad I got it in a trade.

beers 1 º places 7 º 11:01 Sat 3/31/2012

You could easily trade for a 2010 and probably 2009, in the same trade for some European beers and be far far under 175€.
More importantly, imo, there are far better stouts to trade for anyway, some, eg The Abyss, are much easier to get too.

beers 999 º places 47 º 11:02 Sat 3/31/2012

thats just absurd

beers 2691 º places 52 º 11:11 Sat 3/31/2012

lame price

beers 1469 º places 57 º 11:14 Sat 3/31/2012

imagine all the fun that could be had in amsterdam for 175 euro

beers 1 º places 7 º 11:18 Sat 3/31/2012

Originally posted by peteinSD
imagine all the fun that could be had in amsterdam for 175 euro

LOL, screw trading

beers 5897 º places 342 º 11:20 Sat 3/31/2012

Keep in mind that bars generally charge twice as much as bottle shops, because you are paying for the pleasure of drinking it there. Still way above my budget, but perhaps the next guy will sell it for EUR 100...

beers 7943 º places 183 º 13:02 Sat 3/31/2012

Wow. If it weren’t for the heavy shipping, I would gladly trade a bottle for 200 EUR of beer we can’t get here.

beers 10080 º places 416 º 13:10 Sat 3/31/2012

Just absurd, just like the poor lad in Brazil who was going to pay so much for a westy. I’ll gladly take a nice DeMolen or Emelisse stout in Amsterdam over this beer.