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Dark Lord available in Amsterdam

Reads 4463 • Replies 36 • Started Saturday, March 31, 2012 10:38:18 AM CT

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beers 10494 º places 452 º 06:07 Sun 4/1/2012

Someone out there (Denmark maybe?) is likely to buy a bottle of it.

06:51 Sun 4/1/2012

Originally posted by sebletitje
Someone out there (Denmark maybe?) is likely to buy a bottle of it.

Why Denmark? It was for sale in Ølbutikken before and I am pretty sure at Mikkeller bar as well.

beers 10494 º places 452 º 06:55 Sun 4/1/2012

Why Denmark? well, split 200€ in 50 tasters.

beers 25054 º places 4 º 07:25 Sun 4/1/2012

Originally posted by sebletitje
Why Denmark? well, split 200€ in 50 tasters.

Wauw, that sure is funny...

beers 8541 º places 190 º 08:16 Sun 4/1/2012

i’ve seen worse..

beers 16931 º places 278 º 12:33 Sun 4/1/2012

Originally posted by cgarvieuk
Originally posted by Benzai
Originally posted by cgarvieuk
In fact if your in Amsterdam you can probably fly to mine for less that 200E I will share a 2009DL and more with who ever comes across :-)

Tasting @ Craigs?

nearly all my tasting are open house and posted in events. your always welcome

Haha, I’ll check.

beers 16277 º places 687 º 12:45 Sun 4/1/2012

Originally posted by Jeffo1

Wonder how much they paid for it? Maybe I should take advantage of them and try to help finance my vacation this summer. Little boy has to buy a seat this year, and he ain’t getting a job anytime soon...

I could be wrong..... but I heard that guys from Beer Temple bought some from the BrewDog bar in Aberdeen. They were selling it for £50! That’s a damn big mark-up!! I actually thought the BrewDog price was pretty decent.

beers 1271 º places 40 º 16:19 Tue 4/3/2012

I’m bringing my Dark Lords to Amsterdam and selling them to BierTemple for half that price. Then I’m going to buy a bunch of awesome lambic.

beers 1846 º places 83 º 06:05 Wed 4/18/2012

Originally posted by sebletitje
Just absurd, just like the poor lad in Brazil who was going to pay so much for a westy. I’ll gladly take a nice DeMolen or Emelisse stout in Amsterdam over this beer.

Haha I think the poor lad you’re referring to is me. I ended up getting the Westy 12 through trade. Although I ended up paying a lot more, I got Westy 8, a retired De Molen Porter and some other beers as well so I guess it was worth it.

Maybe I should try to track down Dark Lord in a trade. Do people trade it often? Seems to me like it would be hard to get even in trade.

beers 5 º places 4 º 16:23 Thu 5/10/2012

Whahahaha! Who else then Bill Gates would pay 200 euros for a bottle of beer?! For 200 euros I can get myself 20 crates of Heineken and get shitfaced all the way. Or get around 100 Belgian special beers and enjoy them piece by piece.