Dark Lord available in Amsterdam

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Does Amsterdam have the Internet? Because you can buy one off of eBay for half that price, shipping included.

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Originally posted by Daddybeer
Whahahaha! Who else then Bill Gates would pay 200 euros for a bottle of beer?! For 200 euros I can get myself 20 crates of Heineken and get shitfaced all the way. Or get around 100 Belgian special beers and enjoy them piece by piece.

For Gods sake: why would you EVER get yourself 20...oh sorry, even 1 crate of Heineken and get shitfaced???

Just curious...

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Originally posted by Sevenlee
Originally posted by sebletitje
Just absurd, just like the poor lad in Brazil who was going to pay so much for a westy. Iíll gladly take a nice DeMolen or Emelisse stout in Amsterdam over this beer.

Haha I think the poor lad youíre referring to is me. I ended up getting the Westy 12 through trade. Although I ended up paying a lot more, I got Westy 8, a retired De Molen Porter and some other beers as well so I guess it was worth it.

Maybe I should try to track down Dark Lord in a trade. Do people trade it often? Seems to me like it would be hard to get even in trade.

Itís pretty easy to get in trade.

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Originally posted by NobleSquirrel

Itís pretty easy to get in trade.

ISO: Dark Lord FT: Labatt Blue Light Lime

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Will never pay that much for a beer. I consume don't stock or trade.

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I paid 50e for a Darklord at the Cracked Kettle back in 2008 or 2009 mainly because I was shipping 4 cases of beer back to the USA and had 1 empty spot. Thought it was almost funny that I was buying a limited USA bottle in Amsterdam to ship it back home to the USA. Made no sense other than doing it for the novelty. Turns out that when I got home I found out that a friend of a friend was the one who traded it to them (along with other USA bottles) for lots of Blabaer and other Euro gems!