DC trip: July 28-Aug 17

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beers 3716 º places 367 º 16:10 Wed 7/3/2013

Yea, thats right 3 weeks in DC for work training courses. I have some ideas for good places in the area (Churchkey, paradisio, etc), but i have some beers that i am really seeking out while im there. Also, thinking about making some road trips during the 2 weekends i will be there:

beers to seek: (recommendations also wanted)

Fat Heads Head Hunter (maybe doing a WV/Pittsburgh trip to get the WV tick and this beer)

Maine Beer Here (bottles available?)
Maine Pepper
Half Acre Daisy Cutter (available?)
Anything from Anchorage (maybe available there?)

Im really into hop-forward beers, good lagers/session beers and Sours.

As mentioned, thinking of doing a WV/Pittsburgh trip one of the weekends and maybe a southeast PA trip to hit up Stoudts, Troegs, Victory, Tired hands, etc.

Any recommendations and/or meetup suggestions would be great!

beers 999 º places 47 º 18:02 Wed 7/3/2013

No fat heads, yes on the victory, yes on main, yes on troegs, no on the tired hands and ancoridge... Is all i know off the top of my head. At least i think those are right.

beers 5950 º places 416 º 18:04 Wed 7/3/2013

Anchorage I’ve seen, in bars for sure, in stores I’m pretty sure.

beers 14078 º places 832 º 18:44 Wed 7/3/2013

I’m a little behind on the DC Breweries (for a long time you couldn’t say such a thing), but definitely check out DC Brau. Their hours are limited but their stuff should be everywhere.

Maybe head into NoVa for Mad Fox, Capitol City, Vintage 50, etc. The Sweetwater Taverns and the Dogfish Alehouses MIGHT have something interesting on.

beers 3716 º places 367 º 10:32 Wed 7/10/2013

Looking forward to this trip! anybody want to meetup?

beers 1223 º places 164 º 10:36 Wed 7/10/2013

We have Maine beer in MD stores, selection is getting better. Definalty go to DC Brau when they have some OTWOA. I’d suggest going to Philly area and charlottsvilel/Richmond/williamsburg

Troegs Brewpub, check for when scratch beers get released

Heavy Seas Brewery + G&M Restaurant for Crabcakes

Union Brewery + Woodberry Kitchen

beers 14127 º places 277 º 11:30 Wed 7/10/2013

FWIW, the last week you’re here is DC Craft Beer Week -- lots of activities will be going on, continually updated list here -- http://www.dcbeer.com/dcbw2013

beers 26123 º places 3057 º 11:56 Wed 7/10/2013

I’ll be out of town then. But just to chime in, I’ve seen Anchorage stuff around lately. DC doesn’t have great beer stores, but try Connecticut Avenue Liquors. If you’re here for 3 weeks, they can possibly order stuff for you too, and get it in before you leave.

Definitely hit DC Brau and 3 Stars for their beers - best on Saturdays, best if you have a car.

Regional stores, if you have a car - State Line Liquors and Perfect Pour (pricey but thorough).

Best bottle selections at local bars (including Maine, Anchorage, etc) are Churchkey and Paradiso’s Georgetown location. But since there’s no 3 tier system here, Surly shows up in odd places on 14th Street, Pipeworks shows up occasionally at Scion, etc, etc.

beers 11 º places 2 º 18:33 Thu 7/11/2013

Be sure to hit the bier baron if you are around DuPont circle!

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