De la Senne Brussels Calling

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beers 4255 º places 393 º 06:40 Sat 3/10/2012

On my last trip to Belgium had a Brussels Calling and noticed that the bottle was slightly different. Spoke to Pierre in Delices and Caprices and he told me that it is going to now be a yearly release, and I think he said that it would be different each time. Definitely tasted different this time I thought. Should it be added as a new beer do you think?

beers 10089 º places 416 º 11:19 Sat 3/10/2012

I have not heard about this. The brewers said that they planned on brewing the beer at the same time every year but did not mention anything about changing the recipe.

beers 4255 º places 393 º 15:49 Sat 3/10/2012

Ah, maybe I misunderstood. It definitely tasted different to last time, but then again there could be so many reasons for that to be the case.