De Molen Raad & Daad

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This is to announce that De Molen Raad & Daad has two separate entries. One for the draught version (has been described as very sour) and the bottled version (less sour). John from De Molen has said that the mix of the beers used differs between the cask en bottled version, which also explains the large differences is sourness.
Raters are kindly asked to move their tasted version of Raad & Daad to the right entry.

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Come on, the Raad & Daad on draught clearly has an Acetobacter infection. Full swing sour and lots of ethylacetate in the nose. I doubt itís a different recipe, or at least not more different than the normal variation, this typically would be the barrel, maybe combined with too warm storage.

Donít get me wrong, I absolutely love De Molen and their beers, had the sour version and didnít rate it here out of respect for the bottled version which is nice. But making two seperate entries whenever it turns out that a beer has gone bad clearly isnít the way imho, even for a hugely sympathetic brewery like De Molen. Others might start doing it too. Better to take your loss and remove the acetic casks from the market.

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If they were truly different, theyíd have named/marketed it as something else from the get go before they saw what was happening.

Donít think this is gonna warrant a change. Just a heads up to raters.

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i liked the Draught version

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Changed my rating, if things change just merge my rating back Ė donít delete it please.

It was a fun beer. I rated it because I have no respect & if they cared they wouldnít be selling it.

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The color of the two beers is quite different, as put side by side and judged by the people at the Arendsnest as well. And that is almost impossible to get just by an infection. So, itís not just the sourness that is different and therefore can only be two different beers actually.

To be honest, I think they shouldnt have brought the draft version to the market anyway, because itís just pure vinegar. But if they want to battle with Coors Light or something in low ratings, hereís gonna be their shot.

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The strange thing is that after the initial shock from the smell, I didnít mind this beer so much. Perhaps itís because iím a Brit and brought up to love everything with vinegar! I wonít be drinking this stuff in pints any time soon though. Iím not sure my health insurance plan would cover it :-)

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This would not be the first time for some infection issues

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Originally posted by GT2
This would not be the first time for some infection issues

Indeed but this was brutally extreme, even with my 3.8 this is still the lowest rated De Molen beer now out of 280. I rated it mostly for the experience.

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So it was an awful piece of crap that De Mollen shouldnt sell if they cared about the consumer (according to your earlier post), and you gave it a 3.8?

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Hang about is this not just a case of it was supposed to be the same beer but it just happened that the casks used for bottles were ok and the casks they used for draught were goosed? If so I cant see the split.