De Molen Rasputin

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beers 1731 º places 82 º 11:47 Sun 5/26/2013

Originally posted by watson1977
Originally posted by Lowenbrau
Originally posted by watson1977
Are you Disputin their quality control?

If encountering gushing, flat beers, infections and some other issues is Disputin it, yeah, i´m doing so....
I had some great beers from them, but also it´s so usual to find flaw ones.

Did you miss my beer pun here?

Yes, they evidently did. Nice one, it made me groan.

beers 1226 º places 112 º 11:49 Sun 5/26/2013

Good, bad, it’s all good.

beers 11580 º places 362 º 11:56 Sun 5/26/2013

Originally posted by joet
Unless a brewery has invested in a state of the art bottling line, drink that stuff fresh?


beers 14200 º places 392 º 15:07 Sun 5/26/2013

A lot of the new De Molen stuff has had “issues” let us say with the advent of the new brewery. I went from buying anything from theirs that I could get hold of to buying one bottle in the last 12 months or so. Things seem to have improved somewhat but I find myself carrying far about them. Recently tried some “Hel & Verdoemenis” at a bar – we send the bottles back, they agreed & the staff apologized for selling it.

beers 115 º 15:10 Sun 5/26/2013

About two months ago we had a keg brought in to the local Whole Foods. I sat at the bar for the better part of 3 hours while they tried to "fix" the beer due to what they called over carbonation. It wasn’t just the lines as they lowered the forced carbonation as low as it would go. They poured me a glass and it literally took nearly an hour to get 10 ounces of the beer. Eventually they pulled the keg and called it a day saying they had received a bad keg. Sounds like there is some sort of problem with this beer. Also when I did finally try the beer it was very thin and the flavors were quite muddled, not what I was expecting at all.