Delirium in Ghent

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beers 3068 º places 2 º 13:06 Tue 7/2/2013

was wondering if anybody has any info on this pub?

is this still open?

beers 4977 º places 276 º 13:07 Tue 7/2/2013

My work is in Ghent and I tried to find this bar when I was there and on two occasions, havenít been able to.

13:23 Tue 7/2/2013

Small place close to the church near in the tiny red lights district kind of. Nowadays more of a student pool table bar with loud disco music. Usually got over 120 or so beers but mainly the usual suspects. Worth a visit, but not two.

There are better places in Gent.

beers 4977 º places 276 º 13:29 Tue 7/2/2013

Thanks Danko. I havenít bee able to find it for the life of me but sounds like Iím better off.

beers 6592 º places 259 º 13:55 Tue 7/2/2013

What are the best places in the centre and which of those places have some secret stash?