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places 4 º 11:07 Fri 8/4/2017


coming from Europe I have three days to spend around the Denver area to taste beers and visit taproom. I know the question could sound a little dumb and there’s plenty of resources but I ask you if you have to mention an handful of breweries I have not to miss which one do you suggest? My main interests are IPA’s, IS, sours and funk, barrel ageging (funk or not). Awesome pubs are also welcome.

Many thanks. Cheers

beers 18510 º places 1039 º 12:41 Fri 8/4/2017

It’s been a good 5 years since my last visit to Denver but some surgestion from me is:
Great Divide, the old tasting room was awesome and they have a new open now aswell.
Crooked Stave, havent been at the pub, but great sours.
Wine street pub, good food and beers.
Freshcraft, good food and beers,
Euclid Hals, good food and beers, slightly expensive, but again its been 5 years.
Falling Rock, Great pub, 60 or so tap’s, some will tell you service sucks big time, but i loved every moment there.

For an European all of the above is within walking distance.

Take the above with a grain of salt, its been some time.
Long overdue for a revisit.

Have fun

beers 7057 º places 439 º 12:47 Fri 8/4/2017

Good recommendations above. I would add Epic as a must visit. With three days, you can cover the best beer in Denver.

beers 2500 º places 25 º 12:57 Fri 8/4/2017

I’ve never been, but I know Cerebral is also in Denver, as well as TRVE.

beers 18016 º places 500 º 19:37 Fri 8/4/2017

I’m staying Downtown in 3+ weeks and have that shit mapped out, majority within walking distance!
To the NW (of Downtown Denver)...Crooked Stave Barrel Cellar, Falling Rock Taproom, Denver BC, Tap 14 rooftop bar, Wynkoop, Prost, Diebolt, Hogshead, Call to Arms, De Steeg, Fire On The Mountain (so so beer, kick ass wings), Freshcraft, Denver Chophouse.
To the N+NE...Great Divide, Jagged Mountain, GD Barrel Bar, Crooked Stave on Brighton, Black Shirt, Mockery, Our Mutual Friend, Spangalang, 10 Barrel
Yardhouse in my hotel :)
To the E...Cerebral, Alpine Dog
To the SW...Strange Craft, Renegade, Wit’s End
To the S...TRVE on Broadway, Black Project Wild Ales, Lowdown, Baere
To the SE (7 miles)...Copper Kettle

Gonna rent a car for ONE of my four days and hit Avery (and maybe Twisted Pine) in Boulder, and Funkwerks (and maybe Odell) in Ft Collins.

Hope that helps...good luck to your liver!

beers 7057 º places 439 º 12:25 Sat 8/5/2017

For whatever it’s worth, I found TRVE entirely over rated and do not recommend going far out of your way to get there.

places 4 º 02:26 Mon 8/7/2017

Thanks. for all the suggestions. While I already know the main names (Great Divide, Crocked Stave, Avery) I am gonna review the hints for new breweries I do not know (mainly interested in finding something new).

beers 7057 º places 439 º 09:33 Mon 8/7/2017

Originally posted by SR
Thanks. for all the suggestions. While I already know the main names (Great Divide, Crocked Stave, Avery) I am gonna review the hints for new breweries I do not know (mainly interested in finding something new).

I liked the beer at Beryl’s. Not a great tap room but i thought it was a good product.

beers 8457 º places 152 º 18:53 Mon 8/7/2017

Didn’t see when you were coming. Denver hosts the Great America Beer Fest from Oct. 5 - 7. Tickets might be very hard to come by but there will be a LOT of activities besides the festival. But if you are in town and happen to score tickets I would absolutely recommend you going.

beers 2821 º places 34 º 20:23 Mon 8/7/2017

I hate to sound like a tired cynic, because that’s just not who I am. That said, I do feel that it’s important to speak up when charlatan, faux-artisan breweries like Crooked Stave or TRVE are mentioned (not that Avery or GD are of better quality, but at least they aren’t trying quite so hard to adopt an unattainable identity). Again, sorry, but the state of Colorado generally lacks heartfulness and authenticity when it comes to beer, and supporting these types of breweries only perpetuates this elitist mentality that these breweries promote. Anyways, just my two cents.

Have a fun trip and maybe get out to Twelve Degree (35 minutes away) if possible and enjoy some top-tier Belgian-style ales in Louisville. As for Denver, other than Vine Street Pub, I’ve never had much luck in the city for beer or a place with warm ambience. Bierstadt Lagerhaus supposedly is brewing some decent lagers that aren’t Americanized, so maybe that’s worth a visit?


places 1 º 02:54 Tue 8/8/2017

Do note that Crooked Stave beers can be expensive.
Can go up to 35 bucks per bomber