Denver lesser known but good breweries

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beers 11278 º places 837 º 03:34 Tue 9/19/2017

Not been for a while, but Hogshead, Trve and Black Sky I enjoyed of the somewhat lesser known.

beers 6807 º places 132 º 06:56 Tue 9/19/2017

I spent a couple of days in RiNo earlier in the year. I'm still writing my notes up but I remember enjoying Epic, Our Mutual Friend and Black Shirt. The beers were a little more variable at the latter two, but mainly pretty good.

beers 2424 º places 44 º 08:04 Tue 9/19/2017

As a local these would be my recs to keep you from wasting time on mediocre suds, of which there is a lot:
-Hogshead as previously noted...this is basically my 'local'
-Call to Arms (solid line up across the board and on the same side of town as Hogshead and Hops and Pie)
-Ratio in RiNo
-Bierstadt Lagerhouse in RiNo just for a Slow Pour Pils if nothing else
-Black Project for sours/wilds

Hit me up if you or Leighton are out..especially in NW Denver. I will likely be at Ratman's Strange release but not sure when.

beers 17645 º places 500 º 17:47 Tue 9/19/2017

Bierstadt had awesome traditional lagers. Pleasant surprise and a cool place.
Black Project is pretty new I think - only a few beers, but all good sours.

Originally posted by NobleSquirrel
I'd highly recommend Bierstadt and Hogshead. Hogshead is traditional English style beer, mostly on proper cask conditioning. Bierstadt is almost all lagers done very very well.

beers 13304 º places 656 º 20:09 Tue 9/19/2017

You guys still there?

beers 20739 º places 554 º 20:38 Tue 9/19/2017

I was there several years ago before Trve and Black Project. For brewpubs, I really liked Yak and Yeti. It's an Indian/Tibetan/Nepalese brewpub. Food was fantastic and when I went they had it buffet style. Beers were solid back then too. Not sure about now.

beers 7022 º places 439 º 20:43 Tue 9/19/2017

I didn't like TRVE at all. I don't know if it is the stvpid way they spell their name, or the death metal, but their beers were not good.

beers 1833 º places 184 º 05:53 Wed 9/20/2017

Comrade. I always hit Comrade when back home.
Also like Urusla as close to family and they seem to have an interesting barrel program. Bierstadt is awesome

beers 19400 º places 199 º 07:22 Wed 9/20/2017

Check out De Steeg. Strange Craft is great too!